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Australian Cartoon Characters and Railway Crossing by WillM3luvTrains Australian Cartoon Characters and Railway Crossing by WillM3luvTrains
Up above is my drawing of Australian (and a New Zealand) cartoon characters at an Australian Railway Crossing. In the picture are 

  • Ollie (Pocket Protectors)
  • Stanley Staines and his sister Mary Jane Staines (Staines Down Drains)
  • Wallabee Beatles (Codename Kids Next Door)
  • Blinky Bill
  • Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life)
  • Lenny Loosejocks (Ezone,
  • Cody (The Rescuers Down Under
This is some crossover! It's not a major crossover, I've seen better than this, including on this Deviation Submission… Or this one:… I'm sure there are other examples of major crossovers but I'll only list these two for now because of time and energy. Actually I have one more to share with you that kind of led up to my drawing, in fact some of the cartoon characters in my drawing are also in that drawing.

So you see, these are supposed to be Australian cartoon characters near a railroad crossing in Australia, which clearly doesn't exist. I thought all of these cartoon characters were Australian but I just found out that Ollie, the light-brown-skinned cartoon character, is actually from New Zealand. What made me think he was Australian? Listening to his voice when watching the cartoon "Pocket Protectors"… He sounded Australian so I assumed he was Australian, although I could have easily assumed he was British. So now we have an Australian and New Zealand cartoon character picture, but this was intended to be exclusively an Australian cartoon picture. That's okay, and I don't want to hurt any of you who are from New Zealand, you're not worthless to me!

This is not my first drawing of Wallabee or Stanley, you can see them in this previous submission I've done, requested by :iconshifty-the-b737:… But this is my first drawing of everyone else. And the hardest to draw were Cody, Blinky Bill, Lenny, and Rocko, well Rocko wasn't that hard to draw and neither was Mary Jane. And I think I made Cody bigger than I intended for him to be. It was very hard to find a good picture to copy off of to draw him. There aren't very many pictures of Ollie either, in fact this is where I'd gone to draw a picture of him:… There also aren't very many pictures of Stanley Staines.

Some of these cartoon characters were really hard to draw, especially Cody and Blinky, so I won't be drawing many pictures of them, although no one asked me to. I almost changed my mind and excluded Cody but decided to go right through with it, I said I'd draw him and decided to keep my word.

And I decided to include a railroad crossing as many of you know I like to do, and one from the Land Down-Under. I knew how I wanted to do the signals but was debating about the gates, or boom gates as they're called in Australia. I was debating if I should do black and white or red and white gates and debated if I should do wishbone gates or bar-gates. I decided to go with red and white bar-gates and with 4" lights. I also decided to use a black STOP ON RED SIGNAL sign rather than the white ones. I also put the big horizontal signs that say "RAILWAY" on the left side of the road and "CROSSING" on the right side. This isn't done at all crossings in Australia but something I wanted to do to make this crossing more Australian-like.

And I used this railroad crossing ahead sign… Australia uses or at least has used different kinds of railroad crossing ahead signs, including some to tell you if you were coming to a crossing with flashing signals and some that told you you were coming to a gated crossing, which is what's in my picture. (To see the website this picture came from…) I don't really know what they are using now so I'm going with the one I put in my picture.

Australia's crossing signals are almost the same as the ones we use in the United States, except they use 45-degree (my guess) crossbucks and they drive on the left-side there. But much of the equipment is the same as ours, and they even use the same electronic bells and same gate lights, including L.E.D. we use! I did not know this about Australia until 2002, when I visited this part of Mike's Railroad Crossing website Some Aussie crossing signals look almost like ours but the ones in the first four photos of the page use one big rectangle-shaped background with both lights in it, which I don't like as much but it's somewhat cool. And it seems all their signal lights are 8". And they use incandescent and L.E.D., red-lens and clear-lens. I also chose mechanical bells for my crossing.

So far I've done, other than American crossings, pictures of a Canadian crossing, German crossings, British crossings, and totally make-believe/cartoony crossings. And now: Introducing Australian Crossings!

So after looking at this picture done by :iconyugioh1985:…, and after looking at my drawing of Stanley and Wallabee, and thinking about Australian cartoon characters, at least the ones I knew, I decided to do something like this. And coincidentally, :iconshifty-the-b737: asked me if I was going to do another crossover ideas for Stanley Staines, and sure enough and fortunately for him I did! 

I have at least one more crossover idea, maybe two more, for Stanley Staines. Please remember though, I still haven't watched Staines Down Drains so I still don't know anything or much about that cartoon and it's not available on Kiss Cartoon right now (if it does become available I'll change this sentence! Remind me if I forget please.)

And as far as I know, only two of these cartoons have featured a railroad crossing: Codename Kids Next Door (episode "Operation R.O.B.B.E.R.S."….) and Rocko's Modern Life ("Driving Miss Wolfe"… and one more episode I saw)

Took a few hours to draw but it was worth it. Feel free to use but please put the credits where they belong.

Drawing (c) Yours Truly
Ollie (c) Mukpuddy Animation (New Zealand)
Stanley and Mary Jane Staines (c) Jim Mora
Wallabee Beatles (c) Tom Warburton
Blinky Bill (c) Dorothy Wall
Rocko (c) Joe Murray
Lenny Loosejocks (c) Jamie Edis (for more, please visit )
Cody (c) Disney

Whew! That's a lot of names!

And if you've never been to, I recommend you try it, it's a fun place! Some of my favorite games there are Fatboy Raids the Cookie Factory, Bumper Cookie, Web Hockey, Lenny Loosejocks goes Snowboarding, Nitro Burners, Lenny Goes to Pluto, Lenny in Space, Bang for your Buck, and Blingball to name a few. Please note though that the Ezone games require Shockwave Player and doesn't work on Google Chrome, at least it didn't last time I checked. But try, please, if you want to.
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Raakone Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
This is awesome!

And some places have really interesting railway/railroad crossings!

(I live in Montreal, relatively close to a place where a major highway....although only two lanes wide at this point (what they call a "Super 2" in the US I think), crosses a train track, so they have to have special advanced signs with yellow lights that flash when the crossing is activated. This is near Lachute, Quebec, Canada. Why do they have this? When the road was being built, the railway was seriously considering abandoning that track, so building an overpass or underpass would have made no sense. And then at the last minute, the line was sold to a shortline.)
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
I think I found it, is this it?…

I did search the crossings in and around that area and looks like most of them have lights only (and bells of course). I only found one gated crossing in the western part of that town. And I found one passive crossing, and I noticed the STOP signs say "ARRET," must be a French Canadian town.

I'm glad they sold the line to a shortline, it's always great when railroad tracks are preserved and a shame when tracks are abandoned and then removed altogether, at least in my opinion.

Thanks again for telling me that! :-)
Raakone Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Well, this is one of them, I think there's a few. I think the reason for lack of proper gates is the same reason that it's a crossing at all on the A-50 (that's the ones I'm thinking about, but there are other roads that cross it) That is, why put in more than the bare minimum when the crossing is going to be gone really soon? (when it ended up NOT being gone!)

A couple of Canada, when it became officially bilingual, the federal government mandated that crossing signs cannot have anything in just one language. So that's why it's now just a blank crossbuck, as opposed to the usual practice in the US. Also, in the province of Québec, MOST stop signs say Arret. However.....because Stop is actually a French word, originally, they started just putting that on newer signs. And in towns and cities that are officially bilingual, it will say "Arret" on one line and "Stop" on another. Ditto for stop signs on federal property (e.g. by border crossings, airports, military bases, etc) On Native Reserves (it's the US that calls them Reservations), Stop signs are typically in English, and in the local native language
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
"That is, why put in more than the bare minimum when the crossing is going to be gone really soon? (when it ended up NOT being gone!)"

Exactly! It would be a colossal waste of money to upgrade a crossing with new/er signals or signal parts or have it grade separated if the line was going to be abandoned altogether. I almost feel like that's what happened to this formerly existing crossing in Ripley, California… It was the only crossing in that town with lights and gates, the rest of the crossings in that town just had signs and nothing else. I don't know when those signals were put up, probably a few years before being taken back down again but the track and the crossings on that track are gone. And those were good signals too, two of the best signals I'd ever seen!

Getting back to the crossing in Lachute, if I owned that track and had no intention of abandoning it, hopefully I wouldn't have, I'd have put gates on that crossing. I would, however, have been okay with it being grade separated, as long as at least some of the other crossings, preferably the ones with lights or lights and gates stayed around. For the record, I like crossings better than grade separations but I admit grade separations are much safer and there are no train delays with grade separations. It's just that I find the flashing lights and the gates more entertaining, but that's just me.

I'd also rather have a rail line with all grade separations than no rail line at all.


I did know that when Canada became bilingual the crossing signs, or crossbucks, had to be changed to what they are now, red-outlined with blank white in the middle. They started doing that sometime in the 1980s (the decade I was born during) so I've read somewhere. Before, the crossbucks were a lot like what we still use, except the crossbucks read "RAILWAY CROSSING." I wonder if the U.S. should do something like what Canada is doing. Down in Mexico, their crossbucks are like ours, with text on them but in Spanish. 

Now the STOP sign thing, that I didn't know, or might not have known. I mean I feel like I've seen pictures of STOP signs with the word ARRET on it and may have known they were in Canada. I have seen STOP signs in Canada that read "STOP." And I think I've seen STOP signs that read both "STOP" and "ARRET," in pictures that is. So I think I learned something.


Speaking more on yellow light signals, I am planning to do some artwork of crossings similar to this one, this is in your province but somewhere outside Montreal:…

And not just the traditional red-lighted crossing signals and gates but those yellow ATTENTION 2 TRAINS signs with the flashing yellow beacon lights. I learned about those while watching the Canada Operation Lifesaver videos and thought they were interesting! I thought, though, the smaller signs at the bottom of the diamond signs said "AUX FEUX JUANES" but it looks like they now say QUAND LES FEUX CLIGNOTENT, whatever that means. I don't know if that's the same crossing I saw in the video or if this is a different one but it did use the very same kind of signals. But that's what I am planning to do artwork of.

That crossing is on the RMT electric line. And there should be more ATTENTION 2 TRAINS signals like that at 2 track crossings in addition to the red-lighted signals, and not just in Canada but in the U.S. too. I mean they may not make that much of a difference but at least they're warn of second trains. If I have them right, I think if there are two trains about to cross, the yellow lights activate.

That's about all I'll say for now.

Raakone Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Thanks for the reply.

Firstly, the French warning signs with flashing lights.... "Aux feux jaunes", means "of the yellow traffic lights" ("feu", plural "feux", literally means "fire", but it's also used for traffic lights, go figure). "Quand les feux clignotent" means "when the lights are flashing." Basically, on roads with higher speed limits, they need those advance warnings. The A-50 I mentioned, A stands for "Autoroute", its symbol is kind of a rip-off of the US Interstate shield (but not quite), but some of those roads are not divided, such as that part of the A-50, but had the railroad line been less likely to be abandoned, they would have built an overpass for sure (I saw pictures of a New Jersey "state highway" that was built mostly Interstate-style...but suddenly has a level crossing with tracks. Seriously!)

The Attention 2 trains....reminds me of what the Canadian Operation Lifesaver did more than 15 years ago, they had a campaign to sensitize people to multi-track crossings, with the slogan "more tracks means more trains" in both languages, "un train peut cache un autre" ("one train may hide another") in French, and "Rushin' Roulette" in English. Also showed a picture of a guy getting ready to dash across a pair of tracks as a freight train passes by, but he's unaware of a GO-style train about to come on the other track. The only way I've been to this crossing that I remember I was actually on a train, so I can neither confirm nor deny the flashing "2nd train" lights, but they make SENSE!

And I know, officially, Canada has RailWAYS and the US has RailROADS, but I've heard both terms used on both sides of the border. Also, while road speed limits are in kilometres an hour in Canada, on the railroads, they still use M.P.H.
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017

Interesting. If it's available on Google Streetview I want to look it up, now that you told me where it is. I know I'll have to search each crossing until I find the one you were talking about!
ShiftyThePlaneh Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, Stanley (Numbuh 61), Wally (Numbuh 45) and Mary-Jane are All Australian Kids?
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
I thought they were. I thought Wallabee was an Australian in an American cartoon, and I thought Staines Down Drains, which includes Stanley and Mary Jane, was an Australian cartoon and assumed the characters were Australian.

Am I right or am I wrong? That could make this picture almost null and void.
ShiftyThePlaneh Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah You are right , SDD (Staines down drains) was made in Australia So, techinally Stan and mary are Aussies like Wally
ShiftyThePlaneh Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, There is a show called 6teen with ANOTHER character named Stanley
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